Wildfires, power outages cause unprecedented healthcare disruption in California

Healthcare leaders told The Bee that they are confronting a level of disruption to delivering care and running their businesses that they have never seen in their careers as a result of the California wildfires and Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s planned blackouts.

“I actually have never experienced a power outage where we were on emergency generator backup for 40 hours or more,” said Dr. Brian Evans, the chief executive officer at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley. “We’ve had short-term disruptions, but typically it wasn’t one of these planned outages that lasted for quite some time. I would say, for me personally, it’s been a career first.”

Evans, who has worked in hospitals for 22 years, is weathering the third PG&E public safety power shutoff this month. He said it’s really tough on patients and finances, but counts himself lucky because his hospital caught a major break after the first planned blackout.

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