Get the Facts

The Coalition for Power Safety, Affordability and Reliability understands that with reliable power comes great opportunity.  The coalition advocates for:

  • Responsible Public Safety Power Shut-Off (PSPS, aka de-energization) policies that promote power reliability and protect the public health of all Californians.
  • Keeping California’s commercial and industrial rates competitive in order to prevent loss of jobs and economic growth

Responsible Public Safety Power Shut-Off Guidelines

In an emergency situation where the power must be shut off, it is imperative that there are specific protocols to protect California communities and production and manufacturing facilities that spur our economic growth. 

  • There are major public health and safety consequences from inadequate or untimely power shut offs to critical infrastructure facilities.
  • Many facilities require time to safely terminate operations.
  • De-energization, in certain instances may cause more harm than less, and the decision to enact a power shut off event must be done after a judicious and careful review not only by the utility.
  • The uncertainty of a power shut off for production and manufacturing facilities is of huge concern – how long will power be lost and when is the right time to power back on? There is potentially great cost, both in employment and loss of product when shutdowns are not done properly.

Competitive Commercial and Industrial Rates

An affordability crisis looms for California’s manufacturing and technology companies and the families that depend on them, directly and indirectly, for their economic security.  Safe, reliable and affordable energy is a pressing concern that affects everyone living in California.

  • Energy affordability is essential for manufacturing job growth in California.
  • California’s commercial and industrial energy rates far exceed similar rates charged in other states and countries.
  • Rate increases by regulators by as much as 200% or more, far outpace customer rate increases.
  • Finding other ways to reduce costs often means the loss of good-paying jobs and purchases of locally produced supplies and equipment.
  • California’s manufacturing industry creates the most wealth of any sector in California. For every $1 invested in manufacturing, another $1.35 is added to the economy, and every one manufacturing job supports an additional 2.5 jobs in the local region.